Interested In Distributing
MOD Clean Disinfectant?

MOD Clean disinfectant pods are an easy way to provide accurate disinfectant measurements in the professional industry. MOD Clean can be found in over 100 locations around the United States. MOD Clean disinfectant is the new, MODern way to disinfect your professional implements and tools. Why settle for improper measurements of disinfectant, when you can use a pre-measured, pre-packaged disinfectant pod that is easily dropped into a jar, and in 10 seconds, you have perfectly measured disinfectant. Do you want to Distribute Disinfectant by Mod Clean?

MOD Clean disinfectant pods are also a great conversation started to have with clients. You can assure them that the measurement is proper and that all of your tools are properly disinfected because of MOD Clean’s disinfectant pods. There is no more worry from you or from your clients about whether or not your tools are properly disinfected.

By using MOD Clean’s disinfectant pods, you are joining the mission to make every jar the same uniform blue. These disinfectant pods will become revolutionary and your industry will have less worry on disinfectant. By becoming a user, you are helping us start a revolution. This innovation will change the industry; why not be a part of it?

You can find our list of distributors on our website so that you too, can become MODernized. If you are interested in becoming a distributor and joining our mission, you can connect our team at VNC Sales at 800-888-7377 to start to Distribute Disinfectant and Become a part of MODernized team, and join Mission 1 Blue. We will revolutionize the industry with our passion and innovation. But, do not forget, No Mess, No Guess, Just Clean!

Disinfectant Weight & Size Comparisons

Distribute Disinfectant

(4) 16oz Bottles of Liquid Disinfectant
Is Equal To
(1) 32 count bag of Mod Clean

Distribute Disinfectant

64oz Bottle of Liquid Disinfectant
Weighs 4.5lbs & Makes 32 Quarts
1 Case (6) bottles = 27.5lbs
1 (32 Count) Bag of Mod Clean
Weighs 5oz Makes 32 Quarts
1 Case (12) Bags = 4lbs

Distribute Disinfectant

2 Cases (6) Bottles
of Liguid Disinfectant
Weight: 57.5lbs
1 Case (12) Bags
of Mod Clean
Weight: 4lbs