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How to Mix Mod Clean Disinfectant Pods®

Mod Clean Disinfectant® Pods “Simplicity is prerequisite for reliability.”

When Dutch computer science pioneer Edsger Dijkstra said these words, we know he wasn’t speaking about Mod Clean Disinfectant Pods®, but if he were here today, we think he would.

Mod Clean Disinfectant Pods® are the ultimate example of simplicity and reliability.

Our water-soluble pods are filled with a pre-measured hospital-grade disinfectant that, when dropped in a standard 32-oz disinfectant jar filled with water, will yield the perfect strength disinfectant to sterilize your scissors, combs, and other utensils. Our salon disinfectant will protect your clients from common viral infections such as HIV-1, Hepatitis C, MRSA, H1N1 as well as many others. Using a concentrated disinfectant that is not pre-measured is messy and you’re never sure if you’ve gotten the right strength. If you’ve put in too much, you’re being wasteful and costing your salon money, but if you put in too little, you’re putting your clients at risk for infection. With Mod Clean Disinfecting Pods®, you don’t have to worry about any of that.
Salons and barber shops are busy places and there’s so much to deal with on a daily basis without worrying about whether or not you’re measuring your disinfectant properly or cleaning up the mess you’ve made while trying to make it. The beauty of Mod Clean Disinfectant Pods® is in their simplicity: just drop in, mix and you’re done.

Here are the 4 very simple steps:

1. Fill your disinfectant jar with water.
2. Drop in one whole Mod Clean Disinfectant Pod®.
3. Using the lid, submerge the pod so it dissolves.
4. Move the lid up and down to mix.

Mod Clean Disinfectant










That’s it. You’ll get the right strength solution every single time. There’s no measuring so there’s no mess. Our pods are precise, easy-to-use, convenient, and they save precious space in your salon.
Simple. Reliable. That’s Mod Clean Disinfectant Pods®.

Mod Clean® Available Nationwide

It’s Official! Mod Clean Available Nationwide

Mod Clean® Disinfecting Pods are now available at all CosmoProf stores nationwide!  That’s more than 1,200 stores with our fantastic product on their shelves waiting for you to come on in and try some for your salon!

Mod Clean Available Nationwide

CosmoProf has been a leader in the beauty industry since their first trade show in Bologna in 1967.  Since then, they’ve been a leading distributor of salon products, offering more than 25,000 different salon products to licensed beauty professionals all over the country.  To this day, their annual trade show is considered a key event in the industry,  bringing in 2,300 exhibitors from seventy countries and more than 170,000 visitors.  CosmoProf branched into physical stores and has grown to 1,200+ locations that span from coast to coast, featuring exclusive brands for beauty professionals.  We’re proud to add Our Mod Clean® Disinfecting Pods to their inventory.  

More and more salon owners, barber shops, nail salons, and cosmetology schools have been turning to Mod Clean® Disinfecting Pods to thoroughly and efficiently clean their hair-cutting utensils.  By dropping one of our pods into a standard (32 oz.) disinfectant jar filled with water, you’ll get a perfectly measured cleaning product that is an EPA and state-approved hospital-grade disinfectant.  There’s no risk of the solution being too weak because our pods are pre-measured to the precise strength of disinfectant to kill germs and protect your clients.

They’re a convenient alternative to bulky plastic cleaning fluid bottles which saves precious storage space in salons as one 32-count resealable bag of Mod Clean Disinfectant Pods is equal to a half gallon of liquid concentrate disinfectant. Our pods are convenient, easy-to-use, compact, time-saving dynamos!   


We admire CosmoProf’s dedication to bringing its customers the best that the beauty industry has to offer and we’re excited that our Mod Clean® Disinfecting Pods are among their products.  

Come find us in any of CosmoProf’s 1,200+ locations today!


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Mod Clean® A Historic Product

Mod Clean® A Historic Product. For the first time in more than 70 years in the world of salon disinfectant, there’s a new way to disinfect your salon tools.  

It used to be that the only choice barbers and stylists had for disinfectant for their hair-cutting utensils was no choice at all, just one brand of big, bulky bottles of liquid disinfectant.   

But times change, and innovation leads the way.   

mod clean®

Mod Clean® Disinfecting Pods are the new way to disinfect, and now that there’s a choice, barbers and stylists alike are flocking to us for their utensil disinfecting needs.  What makes us so innovative?  We’re easy-to-use pods!  No more measuring, no more mess.  Our pre-measured pods couldn’t be simpler―just drop one into a standard disinfecting jar of water, wait 10 seconds or so and lift the lid up and down a few times and you’ve got perfectly mixed disinfectant, that’s EPA-approved and hospital-grade.  There’s no more  “trying to” pouring the exact amount of concentrate followed by the inevitable spillage, just the right strength disinfectant every time.  When you buy Mod pods, you get what you pay for every time.  No more waste by over-measuring or spilling.

Those big bottles of liquid disinfectant are mostly water.  Why pay for water when you can use your own?  Our handy pods are powder concentrated, so they take up much less precious storage space in hair salons and barber shops.  One 32-count resealable bag of our mod pods equal to a half gallon of the old liquid concentrate disinfectant.  Those plastic bottles remain on your counter, taking up the same amount of space until they’re empty.  Our pod package, on the other hand, decreases with every pod used which saves even more space.  And by eliminating all those plastic bottles, your salon is more environmentally friendly.    

Mod Clean® Disinfectant Pods can be safely used to disinfect all of the utensils that the liquid disinfect could:  plastic combs, brushes, plastic clipper guards, manicure implements, scissors, stainless steel implements, shampoo bowls, etc.  Clean utensils are vital to keeping your salon and your clients free of infection. Mod pods are effective in fighting HIV-1, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, Staphylococcus (including MRSA), Pseudomonas, Salmonella, Clostridium Difficile (C.Diff), Vancomycin Resistant Enterococcus (VRE), Herpes, Influenza (including H1N1).  To be effective, the concentration of the disinfectant must be the right strength.   If you use too much, you’re wasting the salon’s money. If you use too little, you risk not killing germs which could infect your customers and cost you valuable clients. Even infecting one client could result in a lawsuit and could be a public relations nightmare.  That’s why the right amount of disinfectant is so important and you’ll get it right every time with Mod Clean® Disinfecting Pods.  

mod clean«

Our innovative mod pods are hassle-free, mess-free, and clutter-free. Mod Clean® is a historical product and has changed the disinfecting business forever.


Trust Measurement Not Color

Trust Measurement Not Color

Measurement is one of the most fundamental concepts in our lives.  Accuracy and precision are needed by physicists to make calculations that help us understand our world and keep us safe.  Chemists need exact measurements to create life-saving medicines.  Builders use it to build structures that are safe to live and work in.  Engineers need precise measurement to make planes, cars, and everything mechanical that we use.  Bakers and chefs use measurement to make delicious foods.

trust measurements

At Mod Clean®, we understand how important it is to get measurements just right.  Each Mod Clean® Disinfecting Pod contains the precise amount of concentrated crystals that when put in your standard disinfectant jar of water will yield the perfect shade of blue every time.  That perfect shade of blue will kill the germs without wasting product.  Disinfecting solutions fight  HIV-1, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, Staphylococcus (including MRSA), Pseudomonas, Salmonella, Clostridium Difficile (C.Diff), Vancomycin Resistant Enterococcus (VRE), Herpes, Influenza (including H1N1), but only when the disinfectant is mixed at the exact concentration.   

You have a salon, not a scientific laboratory.  Why worry about getting the exact measurement you need to properly disinfect your instruments when we can do it for you?  We believe in precise measurement each time you sterilize your tools.  And we know how busy salons can be.  Stylists go from one client to the next with little or no time in between.  You hope they take the time to accurately measure the precise amount of liquid concentrate disinfectant, but most do freehand pouring, and if you put the jars from all of your workstations side by side, you’ll see an array of shades of blue.

When we asked stylists how much concentrate is required for a 32-ounce jar of water, we heard many different answers but only a few were even close to the correct measurement.  Most customers know that the blue jars contain a disinfectant that is for their protection, so what will they think when they see some jars full of dark blue liquid and others with light blue?  Will they feel like your salon is sanitary?  If the liquid is too dark, it means that product is being wasted and over time could be quite costly for your salon.  On the other hand, if it’s too light, your clients are not protected from bacteria or viruses, and if they become infected, you could lose many customers if word got around that your salon wasn’t clean or it could even result in a lawsuit.  Mod Clean® Disinfecting Pods will take the worry out of measuring.   

Trust Measurement

 With Mod Clean® Disinfecting Pods, you can trust our perfect shade of blue, every time.

Chain Salon Disinfectant

Increasing Profits in the Salon Chain Industry with Mod Clean Chain Salon Disinfectant

Since 2012, the beauty salon industry has been growing exponentially and shows little signs of stopping.  As salons have expanded to offer spa services, as well as a myriad of beauty products, they have averaged a 2.7% yearly growth, reaching more than 56.6 billion in the first quarter of 2017. You can imagine how much chain salon disinfectant gets uses? How much is stored and shipped…

chain salon disinfectant

Even with this consistent growth, it’s important to stay competitive in the vast competition in the beauty salon industry by looking inward at your salon.  You may have the big franchise name on your salon, but that’s not what will keep your customers coming back.  Your employees and their excellent service, as well as the aesthetics of your salon, will build their loyalty.  And sure, bringing in new clientele is necessary, but there’s more that goes into running a successful salon than new customers.  Making a few small changes could mean a big change in your profits. What if you chain salon disinfectant weighed 12 times less that the current liquid? What if you could store 12 times as much chain salon disinfectant in the space of just 1 current bottle of liquid disinfectant?  You can with Mod Clean Chain Salon Disinfectant Pods.

Consider your hours of operation.  Most people love 9-5 hours, but unfortunately, the beauty salon industry must cater to their clients and be open during times that are convenient to them.  If your salon sets its own hours, make sure your hours maximize the number of clients you can service.

Delegate.  As a salon owner, you may want to handle everything yourself―the bookkeeping, product ordering, etc., but it can be overwhelming and leave little time for anything else.  If you invest in a skilled staff, you can concentrate on marketing your salon to bring in new customers.

Write a blog.  If your salon has its own website apart from that of the chain, start a blog.  You can write it yourself or hire a professional copywriter, but a blog is a fantastic way to build on the relationship you have with your regular clients.  You can write about helpful beauty hints, give professional advice, and spotlight new styles or products.  
Be good to your staff.  Having a high turnover rate for your salon is costly.  A good hair stylist builds a loyal clientele who may inclined to follow your stylist to his or her next job.  Pay them a competitive wage and flexible with their schedules.

Be an electrical miser.  Save money on energy costs by using natural (free!) light whenever possible, always turn off all lights whenever the salon is closed, and switch to energy-saving light bulbs.

Be a water miser.   Save on water by putting water-saving aerators on your faucets and make sure that you do laundry when you have a full load.  

Chain Salon Disinfectant

Regulate the temperature.  Install a programmable thermostat.  It will help your salon maintain a consistently comfortable temperature, rather than turning it up and down throughout the day.  It can be programmed to shut off during the salon’s closed hours, so no more accidentally paying to heat the place all night.  

Lose the clutter.  Having products and equipment everywhere is not only unsightly, it can be a hazard and can slow down the flow of doing business.  Put anything that is not used daily into decorative, clearly labeled storage boxes.

Another way to cut down on clutter is to consider the products that you’re currently using to determine whether or not one cleaner could take the place of several or if there may be cleaners with more efficient packaging.  With storage space in hair salons at such a premium, cleaning concentrates are a great way to save space and declutter.

That’s why more and more salons are using our Mod Clean Disinfecting Pods in place of the old blue stuff to clean their hair-cutting utensils.  One 32-count resealable bag of our hospital-grade pods is equal to a half gallon of the old liquid concentrate disinfectant.  Just think of all the space you could save without those big bulky bottles!  It takes 384 Mod Clean Disinfecting Pods to take up the volume of 1 bottle of liquid disinfectant.  With the big bottles of the older disinfectant, you’re mostly paying for water, but with Mod Clean Disinfecting Pods, you’re paying for pure product.  No water means that our pods are 12X lighter which means 12X less weight in shipping!     

Mod Clean Disinfecting Pods are easy to use―just drop one into a standard 32-ounce disinfecting jar filled with water.  There’s no measuring and no mess so they’re quick and there’s no cleanup!  And not having to dispose of all those plastic bottles makes us more environmentally friendly too!

With franchise fees, rent, payroll, supplies, and all of the other expenses that go along with running a chain salon, it’s important to look for ways that your salon can increase profits and decrease waste.  Call us today to find out how Mod Clean Disinfectant Pods can help your salon be more efficient.



Barber Disinfectant and Modernization

The Rise and Fall…and Rise Again of The Barber Shop and Barber Disinfectant

The neighborhood barbershop was a thing of beauty and used the only barber disinfectant out at the time. Marble countertops, exquisitely constructed oak and walnut barber chairs, and handblown glass jars filled with various lotions and cleansers. Barbershops were like elegant museums, filled with many manly aromas from colognes and oils to shaving creams and pomades. Yet with all their luxury, they remained a place of comfort, a respite from the outside world where a man could get a shave and a haircut while catching up with local friends. Barbershops were as much about socializing as they were a good haircut. Barber disinfect shined bright and blue in the jars and everyone

barber disinfectant

The barbering tradition goes back to the pharaohs of ancient Egypt when oyster shells were used by nobility to perform barber services on one another. In the Middle Ages, priests and medical men performed surgical procedures, dental work, and beard-trimming in the markets where people gathered to socialize, but by the 14th Century, those who provided barber services split off from those in the surgical profession.
They hit the height of their popularity between 1880-1940, but had seen their decline begin as early as the beginning of the 1900’s with the invention of the safety razor. During World War I, safety razors were given to troops along with straight razors and after the soldiers returned home, many of them had found that they preferred the convenience of the safety razor because they could easily shave at home.
At this time, the barbershop was dealt another blow when companies began selling hair-cutting kits that allowed people to do their own haircutting at home. When the Great Depression hit, one of the first things that had to go was the expense of personal luxuries like shaves and haircuts by a professional. After The Beatles arrived in America, followed by the hippy movement of the late ‘60’s and early ‘70’s, the neighborhood barbershop was all but dead.
In the 1980’s, short hair was back in style, but instead of returning to the few barbershops that had managed to survive, men flocked to “unisex” hair salons, where stylists were trained to cut the hair of both male and female clients.

But like the phoenix, barbershops have risen from the ashes.

Since 2012, barbershops have been popping up all over the place. Styles for men have become cleaner and crisper, and as hair salons became more like spas with their scalp massages and cucumber water, men wanted their own place to go. And men whose fathers brought them to the barbershop as children who now have children of their own wanted to carry on that tradition.
All over the country, in urban areas as well as the suburbs, new barbershops have been opening, traditional yet updated versions of the old neighborhood barbershop. Some are near replicas, where others are more modern versions. Some will offer a complimentary drink or cigar, but all will offer a place to break off from the outside world and enjoy a tradition from the past.
One of the barbershop traditions is seeing that big glass jar of blue liquid filled with combs and scissors. But this liquid is not the same old sanitizer used by barbers in the past. Today’s barber understands the importance of saving time, money, and space.

That’s why more and more of them use Mod Clean Disinfecting Pods for there barber disinfectant, to sanitize their barber tools.
Mod Clean barber disinfectant Pods are convenient. Barbers just drop one into their standard 32-ounce disinfecting jar filled with water. There’s no measuring and no mess. Our pods save them money. With the big bottles of the older disinfectant, they were mostly paying for water, but with Mod Clean Disinfecting Pods, they’re paying for pure product. Because our pods are concentrated, they save precious storage space in barbershops―one 32-count resealable bag of our hospital-grade pods is equal to a half gallon of the old liquid concentrate disinfectant. And not having to dispose of all those plastic bottles makes us more environmentally friendly too!
Mod Clean Disinfecting Pods are money-saving, space-saving, and time-saving. If you have a barbershop, hair salon, or nail salon, try our pods today!

We’ll see you down at the barbershop!


Water Soluble Pods

Water Soluble Pods

Everywhere you look these days you’ll find cleaning pods. Need to do some laundry? Throw in a detergent pod. Coffee maker looking a bit scaley? Drop in a coffee maker cleaning pod. Toilet got that no-so-fresh feeling? Toss in a toilet “bomb”. Sometimes called gel-packs, capsules, or even bombs, they’re made for washing machines, dishwashers, garbage disposals, coffee makers, hot tubs, toilets—if there’s an appliance, there are water soluble pods to clean it!

Water Soluble Pods

Water Soluble Cleaning pods consist of a cleaning element, typically, a powder, liquid or gel, wrapped in a thin film that will completely dissipate, which means that it dissolves completely in water. The film on the outside of each pod may look like plastic, but this outer membrane is made from water soluble film, a synthetic polymer that will, in fact, dissolve in water. Their only purpose is to hold the ultra-concentrated disinfectant inside and disappear when you drop them in water. Our water soluble pods are filled with a germ-killing hospital-grade powder that, when dropped in a disinfectant jar, will dissolve into the water and create the perfect amount of disinfectant to sanitize utensils and hair salons and barber shops love it. Gone are the days of dragging out big and bulky plastic bottles or creating a mess trying to measure the right amount of liquid concentrate. The reason people love water soluble pods is because they’re convenient, there’s no measuring, and in the case of Mod Clean Disinfectant Pods, they’re compact and space-saving.




How to use Mod Clean

How do they work? That’s the beauty of it, there’s virtually no work! Simply fill a standard 32-ounce disinfectant jar with water, drop in one Mod Clean disinfectant pods, and replace the lid which will submerge the pod. After 10 seconds, lift and lower the lid and basket a few times to mix the solution thoroughly. That’s it! There’s no need to open the pods first and make a mess; Mod Clean water soluble pods dissolve after only a few seconds.

Water Soluble Pods


Water Soluble Pods








Beauty salons and barber shops are busy places and there’s so much to deal with on a daily basis without worrying about whether or not you’re measuring your disinfectant properly. Using too much of a disinfectant concentrate in water is wasteful and will cost your salon money. Using too little is dangerous and you risk not killing all of the bacteria on your scissors, combs and other salon utensils, which could, in turn, put your clients at risk for infection. Using Mod Clean Disinfectant Pods will give you the perfect amount of concentrate every time and because it’s a water soluble pod, you never have to worry about the pods not dissolving properly.

Water Soluble Pods







What does Mod Clean Kill

This perfect measurement will effectively kill HIV-1, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, Staphylococcus (including MRSA), Pseudomonas, Salmonella, Clostridium Difficile (C.Diff), Vancomycin Resistant Enterococcus (VRE), Herpes, Influenza (including H1N1). You can rest assured knowing that our water-soluble pods will create a precisely measured solution every time.
Mod Clean Disinfectant Pods are easy-to-use, convenient and efficient. They’re the perfect solution to perfect disinfectant solution!

Cosmoprof will be distributing Mod Clean starting May 1st

We’re thrilled to announce that CosmoProf, a leading distributor of salon products, officially announced that beginning May 1, 2017, they will be offering Mod Clean Disinfecting Pods in all 1,200+ stores nationwide!

CosmoProf is a conglomerate of BSG or Beauty Systems Group and is a major player in the beauty industry, distributing more than 25,000 different salon products to licensed beauty professionals all over the country.  They began in 1967 in Bologna as a way to use a trade show to showcase some of the world’s best beauty products and have grown to be one of the key annual events in the beauty industry, drawing 2,300 exhibitors from seventy countries and more than 170,000 visitors.  Anyone who’s anyone in the beauty industry never misses their yearly trade shows to find out what the next best-selling product is going to be!  CosmoProf branched into brick and mortar stores and has grown to 1,200+ stores that span from coast to coast, featuring exclusive brands for beauty professionals.  

Mod Clean Disinfecting Pods

Our Mod Clean Disinfecting Pods have been gaining popularity in the beauty industry as an effective way to clean beauty instruments.  The pods are simply dropped into 32 ounces of water (the size of a standard disinfectant jar) making them a convenient alternative to bulky plastic cleaning fluid bottles. They’re EPA and state-approved hospital-grade disinfectant and because they’re premeasured, there’s no risk of mixing a solution that is too weak. Salon professionals love Mod Clean Disinfecting Pods because they save precious storage space in their salons as one 32-count resealable bag of Mod Clean Disinfectant Pods is equal to a half gallon of liquid concentrate disinfectant. The pods are convenient, easy-to-use, compact, time-saving and much more environmentally friendly than their conventional counterparts.  Mod Clean Disinfecting Pods are used by Salons, Cosmetology Schools and Barber Shops throughout the US.   

We’re so excited to be partnering with CosmoProf and we’re sure that their customers are going to love our Mod Clean Disinfecting Pods!  See you in stores on May 1st!

Quickly Disinfect Salons

Disinfect salons quickly so you can get to your art. Hair is art. No matter what you do to it, the art of shaving, coloring, cutting, and styling takes time and creative effort to make a customer happy. Your job as a hair stylist, colorist, or barber is a one of a kind career that not everyone can do. When you have a full day of clients, and a lot on your mind, complications with disinfectant should not be one of them. Salon disinfectant needs to be measured correctly for it to be considered safe by the laws of Cosmetology assigned by the state and several federal organizations. Why worry if you are getting it EXACTLY correct when you can use MOD PODs to give you an exact measurement of salon disinfectant? Disinfect Salons fast and get to what you love. MOD Clean Salon Disinfectant understands the daily stress and grind that professionals go through.

Disinfect Salons


That is why MOD Clean salon disinfectant created MOD disinfectant PODs to help busy professionals get through the day without any worry. MOD allows professionals to concentrate on their art and creativity instead of the salon disinfectant, and whether or not it is correct to protect their clients. It also takes the stress of infection off the table and off the shoulders of clients, knowing that the salon disinfectant is perfectly measured to keep them safe. Without the stress of infection in the salon, you can concentrate on the hospitality and word of mouth from clients so that that whole town knows that you take disinfectant seriously by choosing MOD Clean. More clients equal more money and a busy salon. A perfectly measured pod that you just drop into the water, and you have the exact amount of salon disinfectant needed to keep yourself and your clients safe. With disinfectant being such an exact amount, let MOD Clean take the worry from you and create the best salon disinfectant product out there.


Why Do We Use Salon Disinfectants

The History of Disinfectants – Disinfecting Through the Ages and Modern Salon Disinfectants

Before we understand why there are Salon Disinfectants we must understand disinfecting. There was a time not so long ago when our world view was much smaller than it is today.  Not only did we not know that other worlds existed outside of our view of the stars, but we had no idea that on every surface and on every person, there were tiny microorganisms going about their own busy little lives, some harming and some helping us.  But even before our understanding of bacteria, humans were discovering different ways to disinfect and sanitize things.     

salon disinfectants

A disinfectant is anything used on floors, clothes, walls, surgical instruments to kill germs, not to be confused with antiseptic, which is a substance applied externally to the human body or an animal to kill germs.  Hand sanitizer is an antiseptic, whereas chlorine bleach is a disinfectant.

Although the ancient Egyptians were adept at using antiseptics such as palm wine and vinegar in the preservation of bodies in the mummification process as early as 3000BC, the first historical mention of using a disinfectant was in 800BC when Homer described in The Odyssey the burning of sulphur in the house that rivals had occupied before he had killed them. This practice continued through the years and was used as late as the Middle Ages throughout Europe to combat the spread of the Black Plague.  

There were many different things used throughout history as disinfectants and some were more dangerous than others.  Copper, for example, gained popularity when people realized that algae didn’t grow on copper-bottomed boats, it began to be used it mixed with wine as a preventative for tree or wood rot and as water vessels to prevent bacteria growth.  In the 1625 book, Natural History Sir Francis Bacon suggested that small amounts of sulphuric acid be added to drinking water to disinfect it but, fortunately for everyone,  this practice wasn’t used for long.  Mercury was another effective disinfectant used to treat wood rot and was even used much earlier by the Egyptians in ointments and by the Romans in cosmetics.  Although we began to understand the risk of mercury poisoning that can lead to death or dementia in the 1700’s, it continued to be used in medicines and thermometers and we’re still weaning ourselves from the stuff today.

The Cattle Plague affected cattle for centuries, killing many thousands of cattle across Europe, Africa and Asia, sometimes killing off many herds at a time, leading to a famine in Ethiopia in 1889 that killed off a third of its human population.  People fought the spread of the disease over the years using disinfectants like lime and vinegars to clean cattle housing and water troughs and more recently with vaccines which have led to the complete eradication of the disease.  

Salon Disinfectants

We all know that boiling water kills germs and it was used as a disinfectant as early as 980AD when Aristotle wrote about soldiers of Alexander the Great who would boil water before drinking it.  However this was not scientifically proven until 1776 when Italian biologist Lazzaro Spallanzani proved that microorganisms would not survive if the water whey were in was boiled for an hour, a discovery made nearly 100 years after Antonj van Leeuwenhoek had invented the first microscope.  His microscope showed the existence of microorganisms, opening a whole new world to scientists and doctors.  Unfortunately for many patients, however, sterilization of surgical instruments wasn’t introduced until 1881 which helped cut down on the rampant patient deaths due to infection.

As scientific understanding of microorganisms developed, so did the manner in which we eliminate them, and we now use many different chemicals including phenols, hydrogen peroxide, alcohol, chlorine, and aldehydes.  Many businesses and institutions such as hospitals and salons are required to follow strict state regulations and guidelines when it comes to disinfecting their instruments prevent the spread of infection.  They must use the correct concentration of cleaners to effectively clean their tools.

Disinfecting For The Beauty Industry

That’s where we come in.  Salon Disinfectants are a necessity in our world. Our strong and safe MOD Clean Salon Disinfectant Pods are EPA and State approved hospital-grade disinfectants. They’re effective against HIV-1, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, Staphylococcus (including MRSA), Pseudomonas, Salmonella, Clostridium Difficile (C.Diff), Vancomycin Resistant Enterococcus (VRE), Herpes, Influenza (including H1N1).  They can be safely used to disinfect plastic combs, brushes, plastic clipper guards, manicure implements, scissors, stainless steel implements, shampoo bowls, etc. to protect you and your clients from infection. Powerful as all salon disinfectants, Mod Clean is the most practical.

Everyone uses salon disinfectants but why use Mod Clean?

Because of their convenience, the popularity of cleaning pods has exploded over the last few years with pods being used for laundry, dishwashers, toilets and even coffee makers.  It only makes sense to use them in your salon or barber shop.  Simply fill your 32-ounce disinfectant jar with water and pop in one of our Mod pods and in 10 to 20 seconds, you’ll have perfectly measured, hospital grade disinfectant, every time.  One of our Mod pods is equal to 2 ounces of liquid disinfectant without the measuring cup and without the spills.  

Bottles of disinfectant are not only heavy and they take up a lot of valuable salon storage space.  Why?  Because those big bottles are filled mostly with water!  Why pay for all that water?  MOD Clean Salon Disinfecting Pods are compact and light and are packaged in resealable bags for your convenience and are recyclable as well, making them environmentally friendly.  Our pod bags decrease in volume as you use the pods. What does this mean? No matter how many times you use a plastic bottle of liquid disinfectant it never gets any smaller, it still takes up the same amount of space on your counter or in your cabinet. Our Mod Clean Disinfectant Pod bags, however, decrease in volume after every use.  This means you can store the bag in smaller spaces saving your station and storage areas for other salon tools.  Also, if you recycle your disinfectant bottles, they still take up space in your salon and they take more energy to recycle than our small bags.  

One 32 count bag of Mod Clean Disinfectant Pods equals a half-gallon of liquid disinfectant concentrate, clearly one advantage in the salon disinfectants comparison.  No water means that our pods are 12X lighter which means 12X less weight in shipping!  Think of it this way:  It takes 384 Mod Clean Disinfecting Pods to take up the volume of 1 bottle of liquid disinfectant. The other advantage of this is that using Mod Pods you always get the full amount out of a bag, but liquid disinfectant, over pour by a half ounce each time and you get ⅓ the amount you paid for.

Cleaning pods are popular because they make sense on so many levels.  They’re convenient, easy-to-use, compact, time-saving and much more environmentally friendly than their conventional alternatives.  

Mod Clean is bringing salon and barber disinfecting into the MODern era.  No Mess, No Guess, Just Clean