Who Uses MOD Clean


Who Uses MOD Clean | Hair Stylists / Barbers

Hair Stylists / Barbers

Part of being a stylist includes taking the proper safety precautions for your clients. With other disinfectant brands, it’s difficult to measure the proper ratio of disinfectant needed, taking most of your time along with it. When using Mod Clean, the guess work is completely taken out of assuring your clients the cleanest products, in just 60 seconds. Mod Clean Pod’s simplify the mixing process and create a constantly accurate liquid disinfectant with every use. Our pre-measured powdered disinfectant pods are packaged in resealable and recyclable bags, which can be stored anywhere for your convenience. Forget stress, spills, messes – Mod Clean has you covered.


Who Uses MOD Clean | Salons / Barbershops


Salons / Barbershops

As a salon, it is important to make sure your clients are not only satisfied, but safe! Even today, stylists are unaware of proper disinfectant usage, making it likely to overuse product creating additional expense, or underuse product enhancing your salons liability. Unlike other brands, Mod Clean guarantees you the cleanest products with our pre-measured powdered disinfectant pods, simplifying the mixing process and creating a constantly accurate liquid disinfectant with every use. Mod Clean comes packaged in resealable and recyclable bags, which can be stored anywhere for your convenience, allowing you to maximize storage space in your salon. Did we mention Mod Clean Pod’s are designed small, lightweight, and imperishable for easier, not to mention less expensive, shipping? Focus more on the client, and less on disinfecting – be confident knowing your clients are safe, and your salon is even safer!





Beauty Craft

“Supporting Salons and Salon owners is a big part of why we at Beauty Craft exist in this industry. Mod Pods is another product that supports this effort by offering salons a great alternative to traditional disinfectant. Mod Pods are simply a more economical, space saving, and lightweight alternative. They also take all of the guess work out of mixing which our salon partners appreciate. Mod Pods simply are the future for this category.”

Adam WexlerOwner, Beauty Craft

Art of Hair

“Best thing to come out!!! We use these pods at our salon and they are amazing! Easy to use and a lot less messy then the bottle liquid disinfectant! If you’re not using these, you’re missing out!!!! Love our pods!.”

Najiah V.Stylist, Art of Hair Salon



“MOD Clean sets itself apart from everything else.”

Misty M.Hair Sylists

Pinellas Technical College

“I am writing to let you know how excited I am about the ease of use the Mod brings for students. I no longer have to worry about whether the student used the right amount of product or whether they have the goggles on, or whether they’ve touched the disinfectant without gloves! The Mod is so easy to use.”

April B.Lead Instructor/Department Coordinator, Pinellas Technical College

Prive Salon Orlando



“We love using Mod Clean Pods at Prive Salon Orlando. They are easy to use pre measured disinfectant which keeps our tools safe. One of our favorite things about Mod Clean is that they are eco-friendly and easy to store in a small space. Disinfecting is so much easier and less messy with Mod Clean. Our assistants have fun change the disinfectant now too.”

Jamie W.Artistic Director, Prive Salon Orlando

Diesel Barber Shop



“I discovered mod clean on Instagram back in September 2016. I ordered one bag asap to introduce your product to Diesel Barbershop. Mod Clean was a hit! Now we use it at all 6 locations. We love how simple it is to use and how everyone’s barbicide jar is all one color of blue! Thank you Mod Clean for making our life easier. Same Team, Same Dream”

Yvette Bagley.@dieselbarbershop